Emu Enterprises Origin & History

Emu Enterprises, Int’l (EEI) is a family owned organization founded in 1990 near Redding, CA.


Located at the foot of the Sierras, the ranching operation, which is a full service breeding and management facility, consists of 20 acres and is home to approximately 250 birds capable of producing 3000 chicks annually. From this facility, EEI offers a complete range of services including boarding, incubating, hatching, raising, and marketing. This quiet facility is also home to the Emu Rancher’s Academy and is the site of many public and private tours and seminars promoting the industry and teaching the intricacies of the Emu business.

In 1991, EEI developed and organized Emu America Extraordinaire™, a product development, marketing and distribution company dedicated to promoting quality Emu products to a global commercial market. Emu America Extraordinaire’s™ full line of products qualifies it as a one-stop Emu shopping extravaganza. Many of these products can be viewed through our online gift shop, The Emu Emporium™.