emu-gift-shopFarm Production and Distribution Satellites

The potential of the Emu is being recognized by many countries abroad as a new cottage industry and by many on the U.S. as a new home based business returning to the roots of the family farm while other high level investors realize the potential of the by-products and are scrambling to be the first in the marketplace with their own unique creations.

As a result, we are seeing many individuals, companies and governments who are eager to become involved in all aspects of the Emu industry. As a result, our complete industry experience has enabled us to create a satellite program which provides participants with everything required to become involved from farm to store. Our satellites provide not only foundations stock, but all the information, equipment and technical data to build your industry or business from the ground up. We will teach you efficient farming and breeding, teach you how to turn your raw materials into end by-products and provide you with effective marketing programs to sell your stock commercial products. We will source slaughter and processing facilities in your area or assist in designing your own.

Our satellites also include an Emu Emporium™ showroom which provides participants with commercial products currently available from EEI, but more importantly, grants participants the license to produce, distribute and sell products developed by EEI which can be viewed at our online gift shop. This includes products which are currently available as well as those developed in the future.case 2 (Copy)

Licensees in our satellite program will participate in EEI’s development and growth much like a franchise holder. They will have continual access to EEI as as consultant, will be continually apprised of developments within the industry and will be provided with the necessary resources and tools required to make each individual satellite successful.

This program allows participants the ability to capitalize on EEI’s efforts to date and provides the advantage of immediately becoming involved in all aspects of the industry with stock, information, and commercial products at their fingertips. Serious inquiries welcome. Please make contact with us at info@emuenterprise.com for pricing and include your phone number and mailing address.