Complete Breeding and Management Facility


emu-barnOur many services include boarding, custom breeding, incubating, hatching & grow-out services under 24 hour on-premise security. Nutritional needs are met through a strict and specialized feed program developed by EEI to insure high productivity from breeding stock and premium yields from slaughter stock. Management and facilities incorporate the latest technology for optimum results at all levels.

Emu Rancher’s Academy

Emu Enterprises International is proud to offer, as one of it’s many services, the Emu Rancher’s Academy. This is a complete training program for the hands-on farmer. The training covers the entire spectrum of the industry from facility design and construction through animal husbandry as well as slaughtering, processing & marketing in the commercial product market. This series is includes public and private seminars and tours along with hands on activities which promote the industry and teach our clients the intricacies of the Emu business at all levels. WE will show you how to structure your business insuring the greatest efficiency, the highest productivity and the maximum profit. We are also available to clients on a consulting basis.