Noväe™ Cuisine

Invites you to explore the healthy and tantalizing alternative to traditional meats

Noväe™ Cuisine is the newest, most exciting phenomenon in red meat, sporting a flavor very similar to beef without the calories or cholesterol. In fact, Emu meat contains fewer calories and cholesterol than chicken.

Noväe™ Cuisine is produced from quality stock farmed in a natural environment under proven and strictly controlled formula, insuring consistent supply of the highest quality Emu meat available.

Noväe™ Cuisine prides itself on a pure, clean product, grain fed, and container NO added hormones and NO chemical residue.

Noväe™ Cuisine specializes in processing, producing and securing products from U.S. and foreign sources in addition to its own home-grown stock, guaranteeing the freshest and finest Emu meat products meeting the criteria demanded by world markets and today’s sophisticated and knowledgeable consumers.


Premium USDA approved & processed
Emu and Ostrich Cuts

Available on a WHOLESALE BASIS only.
Fillets • Stir Fry • Sausage

Also introducing our NEWEST PRODUCT

America’s Heart-Smart Burger


Emu and Turkey Patties Tangy Recipe

d-garretWe take pride in our commitment to provide you a wholesome product, grain-fed in a natural environment. We set the standard for “Emu Excellence” guaranteeing the finest Emu Meat products meeting quality standards set by you, today’s health conscious consumer.

With a fat content of less than 2%, approximately 100 calories per 3 oz. serving, high in protein and iron — lean, tender, & exquisitely flavored Emu is truly today’s healthy red meat alternative.

4 Patties – Original – All Natural Net WT 12.8 OZ


Ostrich and Turkey patties also Available.